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3rd Sep Sat
8:30am - 12pm
Crypto event

To have the ability to change peoples lives in a world full of resistance, limiting beliefs and quite often, an "i can't mentality", is something that excites us beyond belief.Through literally 1000s of hours of research,courses,networking etc. we've developed the confidence to give legitimate insights in to the often challenging world of crypto.

Through our wealth of knowledge you'll have the opportunty to break the old shackles of a limiting way of life,and transform your world into a limitless way of thinking.To be able to live life on your terms is something every human is capable of doing...and to be financially free is something we all deserve to experience.

So if this is something that sets your soul on fire and you've got dreams that need fulfilling and you require the funds to bring these dreams to life then come hang out with some phenomenal humans and get insights into a world where anythings possible.

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