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Sun, 03 Sept



Breathwave: 9-Week Transformational Journey - Serpentine Falls

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Breathwave: 9-Week Transformational Journey - Serpentine Falls
Breathwave: 9-Week Transformational Journey - Serpentine Falls

Time & Location

03 Sept 2023, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Mardella, 48 Feast Rd, Mardella WA 6125, Australia

About the event

Embark on a powerful and transformative journey within a supportive container designed to deepen your breathwork practice and facilitate holistic integration. Over the course of 8 weeks, we invite you to join us in a unique exploration of self-discovery, change, transformation and personal growth.

During the 9 week container dedicated to breathwork, you will dive into the immersive practice of a mixture of 9D Breathwork and normal somatic breathwork. Harnessing the power of breath, you will embark on profound inner journeys, unlocking dormant potentials, releasing stagnant energy, and experiencing profound states of clarity, connection, and personal transformation. Guided by experienced breathwork facilitators, you will navigate the depths of your being, clearing blockages and embracing a renewed sense of vitality and purpose.

In the middle and end of the container we will shift our focus to meditation and journaling for integration. Through gentle and mindful meditation practices, you will cultivate a calm and receptive state of mind, nurturing your connection with the present moment and fostering inner peace. Accompanied by journaling prompts and self-reflection exercises, you will have the opportunity to anchor your breathwork experiences, deepen your understanding of the integration process, and gain valuable insights for your personal growth journey.

This 8 week container provides a balanced and comprehensive approach to breathwork and integration, allowing you to engage in deep self-exploration while providing ample space for reflection and assimilation. The combination of breathwork, meditation, and journaling creates a harmonious rhythm that supports your transformative journey from within.

Whether you are new to breathwork or have prior experience, this container welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and levels of practice. Each session will be thoughtfully guided, ensuring a safe and nurturing space for your exploration and growth.

Join us on this extraordinary path of self-discovery, change, and integration. Unlock the power of your breath and experience profound personal transformation over the span of 8 weeks.

Event Details:

  • Duration: 2 month Container 
  • Frequency: Week 1, 2 & 3, 5,6,7 Somatic Breathwork with Week 4 & 9 meditation and journaling + Week 8 off
  • Venue: In person at Yoga on the Farm, Serpentine Falls
  • Facilitators: Experienced breathwork guides and meditation instructors, Fi & Sean + Angels
  • Suitable for: All levels of breathwork practitioners, from beginners to experienced individuals
  • To bring: A yoga mat, journal, warm clothes, blanket and pillow

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. Reserve your spot today and get ready to breathe, meditate, journal, and integrate!


  • 8 Week Container




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Guided by seasoned facilitators, we will navigate through the dimensions of consciousness, exploring the realms of expansion, healing, and self-discovery. Engage all your senses as a symphony of music, sound, and sacred vibrations creates a harmonious backdrop to your inner exploration.

Fiona Marie

Human Behaviour Transformation Expert, Coach & Facilitator

Fiona Marie is a seeker of wisdom and truth and is here to help guide people to navigate the human experience through joy, clear their unresolved trauma, become clear on their North Star values leading them through life & developing new behaviours that will attract a lifestyle more suited to their unique core essence.​Fiona's work stems beyond scientific based evidence & delves into spiritual, energetic and non physical planes of existence, of which science are yet to understand and prove "real". She has facilitated hundreds of transformations & guided people to completely change their life.


Crypto Coach & Expert, Motivational Speaker & Facilitator

Sean peters is easily one of the most inspiring souls you’ll ever come across. His unassuming intellect (to those who don’t know him), business knowledge, biohacking insights and wisdom beyond his years, is something that every human should experience.​In the business and investment world he’s consistently flipped 7 figures yearly and has been involved in everything from real estate, shares, gold etc to being highly advanced in the world of crypto.

"Fiona Marie Co. Thank you for your undeniable love and support for all of us that have been fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity to work with you. Your amazing talent and knowledge has not only helped us transform our own lives but now for us to be in a place to be able help others now is just incredible 🙏 cant wait for the next event ❤️"


"Fi the power of your workshops are nothing short of transformational!! Your knowledge, skills and empathy have been personally life-changing!
Today's breathwork event is another testament to the UNITED WE RISE mentality you continue to promote through your generosity and the values at the core of each and every event!!! Fuck YES to this 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽"


“The value you bring to your community is undeniable. Having been a part of so many “communities” in my life that leave you informed and then stranded in execution and support, I can genuinely say you love and care for everyone in your circle AND beyond. The love and energy you put into everything is next level.
Can’t wait for this 🙌"

Lisa Driver, MI

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