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Transform Your Wealth Mindset & Manifest Abundance

Join Our Exclusive 2-Day experienCE


Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound wealth transformation? Our exclusive 2-day Wealth Transformation experience is designed to help you realise your prosperity potential and manifest the abundant life you deserve.

During this immersive retreat, you will dive deep into the core of your relationship with wealth, uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Through a series of transformative exercises, powerful mindset shifts, and practical strategies, you will experience a profound shift in your financial reality.

8am - 6pm daily (AWST


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Are you tired of feeling stuck and frustrated in your financial journey? Do you find yourself constantly struggling to break free from the same old patterns that limit your wealth and success?

It's time to confront your inner demons and transform your relationship with money. 

Imagine the pain of constantly living paycheck to paycheck, never having enough to truly live the life you desire. The constant worry, stress, and fear that come with financial instability can drain your energy and diminish your confidence. These inner demons manifest as limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and a scarcity mindset, constantly holding you back from reaching your true wealth potential.

These money blocks are like invisible chains that keep you locked in a cycle of financial struggle.


They whisper in your ear, "You're not worthy of wealth," or "Money is hard to come by," creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that perpetuates your current reality.

But here's the truth: these limiting beliefs and money blocks are not serving you. They are preventing you from accessing the abundance that is your birthright.

It's time to confront them head-on, challenge their validity, and rewrite your money story!

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Picture yourself waking up every morning with a deep sense of purpose and excitement for the day ahead. As you sip your morning coffee, you feel a profound sense of peace and gratitude, knowing that you have taken control of your financial destiny.

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You effortlessly attract new opportunities, clients, and abundance into your life. Your business flourishes, and your income skyrockets as you confidently charge what you're worth. The fear and scarcity mindset that once held you back are now replaced by a mindset of abundance and possibility.

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You find yourself making savvy investments and watching your wealth grow exponentially. The dreams that once seemed out of reach are now within your grasp. Whether it's traveling the world, owning your dream home, you have the financial freedom to make it all a reality.

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Your relationships with money and success have undergone a profound transformation. Instead of being driven by fear and scarcity, you now approach wealth with a sense of purpose and integrity. You know that true wealth encompasses more than just money; it's about living a fulfilled and meaningful life.


You've surrounded yourself with a community of like-minded individuals who uplift and inspire you on your journey. The support and guidance you received during the retreat have become the foundation for your ongoing success. You continue to grow, learn, and evolve, always pushing your boundaries.

What better wAY to live your life than knowing HOW to make this happen?



1. Holistic approach

We take a holistic approach to wealth transformation, recognizing that true abundance encompasses more than just financial success. We address the underlying mindset, emotions, and energetic blocks that impact your relationship with wealth, ensuring a comprehensive and lasting transformation.

2. somatic breath-work

Our experience incorporates a NEVER BEFORE RELEASED tailored ABUNDANCE Somatic Breathwork by Brian Kelly, BreathMasters, a powerful practice that allows you to release deeply rooted patterns and emotions stored in your body. This somatic approach brings about profound shifts at a subconscious level, enabling you to break free from limiting beliefs and create new empowering narratives around money.



Our retreat is designed to create impactful experiences that elicit deep introspection, breakthroughs, and mindset shifts. We have carefully crafted exercises that are not only informative but also experiential, providing a transformative "wow factor" that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to make significant changes in your life.


Joining our retreat means becoming part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are on the same path towards financial abundance. The connections you forge during the retreat will extend beyond the event, providing ongoing support and inspiration as you continue your wealth-building journey.

5. practical strategies

While mindset and emotional transformation are crucial, we also provide practical strategies and actionable steps to help you create tangible results. From wealth-building techniques to investment insights, we equip you with the tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions and take confident action towards your goals.

6. Long term impact

Our aim is to create lasting change in your relationship with wealth. We provide resources, tools, and ongoing support to ensure that the transformation you experience during the retreat extends far beyond those two days. We are committed to your long-term success and growth.

  • Transform Your Money Story: Gain deep insights into your current money story and identify the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Through transformative exercises, you will rewrite your money narrative, empowering yourself with a new, empowering story that aligns with abundance and success.

  • Release Limiting Beliefs: Break free from the shackles of limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from achieving your financial goals. Discover practical strategies and mindset shifts to let go of scarcity thinking, self-doubt, and fear, allowing you to step into a mindset of abundance and possibility.

  • Cultivate a Wealth Mindset: Develop a powerful wealth mindset that attracts abundance and success. Learn techniques to rewire your subconscious mind, reprogram negative thought patterns, and embody the mindset of a wealthy individual. Align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with prosperity, setting yourself up for financial breakthroughs.

  • Master State Management: Acquire tools and practices to manage your emotional and energetic states effectively. Learn techniques such as breathwork, meditation, and visualization to access resourceful states of confidence, clarity, and resilience. Gain the ability to navigate challenges with grace and maintain a positive, empowered mindset.

  • Create an Actionable Wealth Strategy: Learn how to leverage your strengths, talents, and resources to create multiple streams of income and build sustainable wealth. You will be able to use your education to develop a personalised wealth strategy tailored to your unique goals and aspirations. Gain practical insights into wealth-building principles, investment strategies, and income generation. 

  • Behavior Change and Implementation: Transcend theoretical knowledge and implement tangible changes in your daily life. Our retreat provides a supportive environment where you can practice new behaviours and habits that align with wealth creation. Receive guidance on integrating newfound knowledge and taking consistent action towards your financial goals.

  • Empowered Decision Making: Start develop the confidence and discernment to make informed financial decisions. Begin to Acquire a an understanding of investment opportunities, and asset allocation. Learn how to evaluate and seize opportunities that align with your financial vision.

  • Connect and Network: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who are on the same journey towards financial abundance. Build a supportive network of peers and mentors who will continue to inspire and uplift you long after the retreat. Collaborate, share insights, and celebrate each other's successes as you navigate your wealth paths together.


Guided by seasoned facilitators, we will navigate through the dimensions of consciousness, exploring the realms of expansion, healing, and self-discovery. Engage all your senses as a symphony of music, sound, and sacred vibrations creates a harmonious backdrop to your inner exploration.


Fiona Marie

Human Behaviour Transformation Expert, Coach & Facilitator

Fiona Marie is a seeker of wisdom and truth and is here to help guide people to navigate the human experience through joy, clear their unresolved trauma, become clear on their North Star values leading them through life & developing new behaviours that will attract a lifestyle more suited to their unique core essence.

Fiona's work stems beyond scientific based evidence & delves into spiritual, energetic and non physical planes of existence, of which science are yet to understand and prove "real". She has facilitated hundreds of transformations & guided people to completely change their life.


Sean Peters

Crypto Coach & Expert, Motivational Speaker & Facilitator

Sean peters is easily one of the most inspiring souls you’ll ever come across. His unassuming intellect (to those who don’t know him), business knowledge, biohacking insights and wisdom beyond his years, is something that every human should experience.

In the business and investment world he’s consistently flipped 7 figures yearly and has been involved in everything from real estate, shares, gold etc to being highly advanced in the world of crypto.


Our Wealth Transformation Retreat includes a comprehensive package of inclusions designed to support your transformational journey towards financial abundance. Here are the key inclusions you can expect:


Participate in interactive workshops and exercises

Participate in interactive workshops and exercises specifically designed to uncover and overcome your limiting beliefs, rewrite your money story, and create a roadmap for financial success. These engaging activities will provide deep insights, breakthroughs, and tangible tools for wealth creation.


Abundance Somatic Breathwork Session

Experience the power of somatic breathwork, a practice that enables the release of deep-seated emotions and energetic blocks. Through guided breathwork sessions, you will access profound states of relaxation, healing, and transformation, unlocking your true wealth potential.


Mindset Mastery Techniques

Learn powerful mindset mastery techniques that will help you shift from scarcity to abundance. Explore practices such as visualization, affirmation, gratitude, and self-empowerment exercises to rewire your subconscious mind and cultivate a prosperous mindset.

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Transform Your Wealth Mindset and Manifest Abundance 2 Day Event
Transform Your Wealth Mindset and Manifest Abundance 2 Day Event
Deep dive into the core of your relationship with wealth, uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Through a series of transformative exercises, powerful mindset shifts, and practical strategies, you will experience a profound shift in your financial reality.
22 July 2023, 8:00 am AWST – 23 July 2023, 6:00 pm AWST
North of the River,
7 Agonis Pl, Wanneroo WA 6065, Australia

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