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Fiona marie

Fiona Marie Williams is a distinguished Mental Health Advisor whose career has evolved through diverse roles. Formerly a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young, where she audited industry giants in oil & gas and mining, Fiona has seamlessly transitioned into a multi-faceted professional. 


In her role as a Management Accountant at Deloitte for the Consulting and Tax Division, Fiona not only contributed to financial strategies but also pioneered the introduction of yoga into the company's wellness program and transitioned into a Senior Resource Management Role before she transitioned out of corporate altogether into her own business.


Today, recognized as an Intuitive Energy Healer, NLP and Communication Consultant, Emotional Intelligence Developer, and Somatic Breathwork Facilitator, Fiona brings a unique blend of skills to her transformative work.

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Beyond the corporate sphere, Fiona is the founder of 'Fiona Marie - Mental Health Advisor and Transformation Expert,' a platform where her leadership extends to organizing 16 transformation retreats, womans transformation programs, relationship programs, individual client work and over 30+ wellness and transformation events.


Fiona's impact is profound and extends beyond numbers. She has positively influenced over a thousand lives, guiding individuals through mental and emotional health challenges, improved work

Dynamics, career transitions, family dynamics, and relationship improvements. 


As a sought-after speaker on mental health, Fiona's expertise doesn't stop with CEOs, business owners, executives, athletes, FIFO workers, she extends her reach across WA to rural areas, facilitating events that incorporate yoga, meditation, Breathwork, sound healing, transformation and emotional intelligence development. Her commitment to holistic well-being has left an indelible mark on individuals and communities alike.





Transform feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused or burnt out & achieve those goals/dreams that have always been too much effort or just out of reach, with Fiona Marie one on one Coaching.


1- day, 2-day, 5-day experiences for up & coming & new leaders who are ready to change, build new connections,  move their bodies, adventure, learn about themselves and transform their lives.


1x1 and group experiences for those willing to delve into the spiritual realms of transformation with a very unique modality.

Oveview Services
No upcoming events at the moment

I'm here to inspire you to live your best life, by helping you tune in to your inner guidance and drown out the white noise that energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually compels you away from your own intuition and what truly is best for you.


So often we can turn into people pleasing, disbelieving, unworthy, submissive, dramatic creatures that we lose touch with our natural core essence, our true self order to gain the approval of those that appear to know "better than us", to fit in, to feel like we belong somewhere, to feel acceptance, to be loved.

This just leads us to self abandoning our hearts, our greatest gifts, our greats joys and leaves us in a place of misery, despair and suffering.


What if the ideas you had of changing your career, or being in a relationship with that person, or attracting that money, or delving into new hobbies, meeting new people, healing your relationships with family members were watered and nurtured and you witnessed them grow? 

What if you weeded out the thoughts, beliefs and opinions of others, put your finger up to them to f* right off, so you can actually begin to attract a life that works for you.

I don't know about you, but I most certainly was not born to live a mediocre life and if you don't believe you were too then get your ass to my experiences so I can inspire the shit out of you and help you transform your god dam life.


If you're open and receptive change then you will literally leave feeling like the sun is literally radiating out of your  ass and you soul just wants to dance with the entire universe and everyone in it. 

I bring in the best of their craft too, that love to sharpen their tools and help humanity on a grand capacity too. You won't just be experiencing me, you'll be experiencing a team of amazing human beings who want to see you SHINE!

- A Note from Fiona Marie -

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